Innovate Moreton Bay Founders Month
Innovate Moreton Bay Founders Month
Innovate Moreton Bay

Innovate Moreton Bay Founders Month

Caboolture Hub (Caboolture , QLD)
Tue 9 - Tue 30 April 2024 9:30 am
All Ages

Turn your bright idea into a thriving startup in just four sessions

Innovate Moreton Bay Founders Month is a series of four interactive workshops designed for founders and startup enthusiasts seeking to turn their bright ideas into reality.

Join our hands-on Innovate Moreton Bay Founders Month program to take your seedling startup idea and systematically transform it into a viable business opportunity. Over four interactive workshops, learn practical frameworks like lean canvas and value proposition canvas to evaluate, prototype, and pitch your innovative concept. Gain insights from startup experts to build your minimum viable product, learn how to attract customers and investors, and assemble a dream team.

Delivered by the team at Innovation Architects, your facilitators bring a wealth of experience across startups, corporate innovation, accelerator programs, venture capital and government. The workshop series will provide participants with valuable insights and practical tools, and most importantly in a hands-on manner.

You’ll walk away with a clear roadmap to launch your startup, whether you’re a beginner with an inspired concept or an experienced founder seeking to enhance and evaluate an early-stage idea. Our goal is to provide you with the feedback and direction needed to carry your passion from conception to reality.

We highly encourage participants to join all four sessions. However, sessions can also be joined independently.

Event Dates: 

9th April | Assessing Your Bright Idea: From Concept to Opportunity: Master techniques to systematically test assumptions, refine your hypothesis, and transform an inspired concept into a compelling value proposition. This session is specifically designed to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the practical frameworks and methodologies needed to evaluate, validate, and transform seedling startup ideas into viable business opportunities.

16th April | Bring Your Startup Idea to Life: Rapidly build, measure and learn using hands-on frameworks to iterate your MVP and explore product-market fit. Building on Session 1, this session will focus on designing, testing and launching your minimum viable product (MVP). In addition, you will learn about designing a business model using the Business Model Canvas (BMC). We’ll wrap up by workshopping your product roadmap and go-to-market strategy.
23rd April | Pitch Perfect: Securing Customers and Investors: Craft a compelling startup narrative and tailor your pitch to close deals, acquire customers, and boost funding through strategic storytelling. Through hands-on coaching and practice sessions, led by Jacqueline Nagle, you’ll learn to deliver bold pitches highlighting your startup’s vision, traction, and value. In addition, this session will focus on understanding pathways to growth and investment.

30th April | Assembling a World-Class Startup Team: You have an innovative product and a vision – now you need the talent to match your ambition. This session will focus on understanding the chemistry behind high-performing early-stage teams. Through self-assessment of your personality, your work drivers and skills, the IA team will offer a strategic toolkit to serve as a foundation to your (future) hiring needs. This is not the end, but just the beginning. This fourth session of IMB Founders Month will help you work through your most valuable next steps. How to build, grain traction and grow, surround yourself with exceptional people and attract partnerships and funding that matter.

Times: Each Workshop will run from 9:30am to 2:30pm.